Dear Members, on behalf of the President, Mr. Drissa Kone and the governing Council of the Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa, we warmly felicitate with IFAC, all our member-bodies and professional accountants worldwide on the occasion of the International Accounting Day taking place today, November 10. Given the values we create and add to all economic and productive endeavours, there is no doubt that professional Accountants hold the key to sustainability, human progress and prosperity. Therefore, as we celebrate, we urge all professional accountants to remain the conscience of their nations and pursue the ideals of transparency and accountability as they continue to deliver value in line with their public interest mandate. Let’s regale in the conviction that only professional accountants can save the world. Once again, congratulations”.

Dr. Abel Aig. Asein, FCCA, FCA

Executive Secretary,

Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa (ABWA)


“Chers Membres, au nom du président, M. Drissa Kone et du Conseil d’administration de la Fédération des Ordres des Experts Comptables en Afrique de l’Ouest nous félicitons chaleureusement l’IFAC, tous nos Organismes Membres et Comptables Professionnels du monde entier à l’occasion de la Journée Internationale de la Comptabilité qui se déroule aujourd’hui, le 10 Novembre. Compte tenu des valeurs que nous créons et ajoutons à tous les efforts économiques et productifs, il ne fait aucun doute que les Comptables Professionnels détiennent la clé de la durabilité, du progrès humain et de la prospérité. Par conséquent, alors que nous célébrons, nous exhortons tous les Comptables Professionnels à restent la conscience de leurs nations et poursuivent les idéaux de transparence et de responsabilité tout en continuant à apporter de la valeur conformément à leur mandat d’intérêt public. Réjouissons-nous de la conviction que seuls les Comptables Professionnels peuvent sauver le monde. Encore une fois, félicitations ».

Dr Abel Aig. Asein, FCCA, FCA

Secrétaire Exécutif,

La Fédération des Ordres des Experts Comptables en Afrique de l’Ouest (ABWA)

Welcome to ABWA Official Website

 Mr. Drissa Koné
President ABWA

Mr Victor S. K. B. Tanwone, CA, CPA, 

Vice President

Dr James Ekarere NEMINEBOR
Treasurer ABWA

Abel Aigbodion Asein, PhD, FCCA,FCA
Executive Secretary


    To effectively lead the development of the accountancy profession in the West African sub-region in the public interest


    To promote the growth of and strengthen the accountancy profession in West Africa such that it remains a valued partner in the building of strong, sustainable organizations and financial markets for the development of the region’s economy while acting in the public interest.


    To achieve the foregoing, ABWA will strive to
    I. Build a strong and highly motivated professional workforce in its secretariat;
    II. Encourage and support member-PAOs and through them, the professionally trained accountants, to imbibe and manifestly exhibit the values of:

    a. Competence/Expertise by adopting the life-long learning concept of continuous professional development (CPD) after licensing/ certification as required by IFAC SMOs;
    b. Integrity: professional accountants must consistently act objectively and in the public interest at all times;
    c. Transparency: professional accountants must be straight forward and open in their dealings with clients, employers and the public at large; and

    d. Demonstrate exemplary Ethical Conduct as set out from time to time by IFAC IESBA (International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants).

    ABWA will reinforce the professional accountants’ pursuit of and adherence to these core values which will be enshrined in the ABWA code of ethics to be agreed by all its member-PAOs. Although, ABWA has adopted IFAC’s code of ethics, but this can be adapted to fit the local environment without compromising its requirements.

    ABWA is conscious of the fact that its membership is made up of professional accountancy organisations recognised by law as national organisations/ accounting bodies that regulate and administer the profession of accountancy in their respective countries. Thus it shall encourage its member-PAOs to enforce discipline, adherence to best practices and high ethical standards from all professional accountants in both the public and private sectors, in the public interest. It will also partner with ECOWAS Commission, individual national governments and all bodies set up statutorily to regulate and govern accounting and financial reporting issues globally. It will partner with other stakeholders to promote, foster and sustain economic development in the West African region.




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ECOWAS, ABWA Conclude Joint Accountancy Congress in Bakau

The Economic Community of West African States, in short ECOWAS, and the Association of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa (ABWA) on Friday, 6 December concluded a two-day joint accountancy Congress hosted by The Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (GICA).

The congress, held at a local hotel in Bakau, brought together professional accountants from all the ECOWAS member states, including resource persons, to discuss issues under the theme,”Accounting for Stewardship and Sustainable Development”


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